Why do I love playing at weddings??

Weddings are a special occasion for the bride and groom and their loved ones for many reasons. Many couples choose to publicly display their marriage vows and legal union during the wedding ceremony. Most couples use their wedding as an opportunity to declare their undying devotion to one another. 

Once all of the formalities are over…. IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!! That's where I come in. Everyone has had such a great day and is on a high and it's then, my job, to keep the good vibes coming!! I know it sounds creepy but I just love people watching from stage. Weddings are great for this because everyone is just enjoying themselves so much. They have just watched two of their good friends or family get married, they are surrounded by loved ones, some that they probably haven't seen since the last big family event and food is great and the drinks are plenty!! All of the ingredients for a truly unforgettable day/night.

The fun is infectious and I can't help but get overwhelmed by everything that is going on and these are just a few reasons why I love playing at weddings!!


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