His Story

Picture this: a multi-talented musician from the land down under, with a fiery passion for intense, compositions that blend Folk, Rock, Blues, and Aussie Classics. That's Shannon Hunter, ladies and gentlemen – a true artist who knows how to get to the heart of his audience and leave them mesmerized by his music.

Hailing from Country Victoria, Shannon is on a mission to become a national sensation with his vivid, soul-stirring tunes. He's not your average musician, either – he draws inspiration from the indigenous Australian culture and uses his music as a platform to address political issues that matter.

But it's not just his message that's powerful – it's the way he delivers it. With an arsenal of instruments at his fingertips, including the acoustic guitar, Didgeridoo, foot percussion, and harmonica, Shannon takes his audience on an intensely personal journey that they'll never forget. His passion for connecting with people through his music has earned him nationwide recognition, and it's no wonder why – he's a force to be reckoned with.

Shannon's not just a musician, though – he's an experience. His performances are atmospheric, melodic, and downright hypnotic. He's even had the opportunity to play Didgeridoo in the song "Solid Rock" with Shane Howard, frontman for Goanna, at a music festival – a moment that is cemented in his fondest memories,.

But Shannon's not content to rest on his laurels. He's opened for James Reyne of the band Australian Crawl at a Toyota conference and has his sights set on even bigger audiences. Whether he's playing at pubs, clubs, private parties, or weddings, he knows how to pack the dance floor and leave sweaty, happy people in his wake.

When he's not performing or recording, Shannon loves to immerse himself in nature, swimming in crystal clear swimming holes, and experiencing new cultures. He's a lover of life, and he uses music to spread those values.

In short, Shannon Hunter is the real deal. His music, inspired by Australia's rich culture and political climate, is an unforgettable experience that will leave you breathless. Expect big things from this rising star in the coming years – he's sure to take the music world by storm.